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Shop some of the hottest Black-owned brands through Forefront’s marketplace. You can discover up-and-coming brands in beauty, cosmetics, & wellness brands right here on Forefront.

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Create your Forefront shop where you can showcase & share your #ForefrontFinds with your friends & followers. Share your shop link and encourage others to try out your top picks.

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You’ll receive your very own shop link and coupon code to share online. Every time someone makes a purchase on Forefront using your coupon code, you’ll earn an affiliate commission from us. 

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Turn Supporters into Brand Affiliates

On Forefront, you can turn your top supporters into paid affiliates who share your products with the world. Once a shopper purchases your product, they can add it to their Forefront shop and share them online as they encourage others to buy; giving you more sales and new customers!

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Join our Vendor platform to add your products to our affiliate marketplace. Get a bird's eye view of the performance of your products at a glance.

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Manage products, orders and fulfillment for your new sales in one place.

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Manage your brand commission payouts in one place. Choose Stripe or PayPal for your brand payouts.

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Excitement for Forefront

"The Forefront team has been amazing to work with, the team has made our influencer partnership journey seamless. I don't think we are going anywhere else!"

"The Forefront Influencer Program has introduced me and my audience to brands that I’m not only obsessed with and totally believe in but it has also exposed me to a network of opportunities I may have otherwise missed. Thank you, Forefront!"

"Forefront is for the Culture"

"Being able to do product reviews for my own culture."

"I’m interested in connecting & building relationships with brands, and growing my audience as I build my brand."

"Supporting Black-owned brands and companies. Building community with other Black influencers and partners."

"My brand as a whole is about supporting Black-owned and woman-owned businesses. This program fits perfectly with my brand."

"Supporting Black businesses and monetization"

"The ability to create content for Black-owned businesses and to learn more about this influencer lifestyle."

"Great platform to get paid"

"I love to show my passion and why not do it for my own people."

"The opportunity to discover and work with Black-owned brands"

"What interests me the most about the program is the opportunity to promote products that I love with my community of followers."

"Not only is it a platform for Black-owned brands, but it’s also helping Black influencers at various levels in their content-creating journey"

"The fact that they work with nano influencers; it’s hard getting brands to look at you if you have less then 10k."

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Bring Black brands to the Forefront of the World.

Forefront is an affiliate marketplace where anyone can discover, shop, and get paid to share their favorite Black-owned brands with the world! We’re making a way for Black brands and influencers to earn, thrive, and SHINE online by connecting them in one place for paid affiliate partnerships.

We believe that Forefront will help Black brands become some of the world’s most reputable and sought-after brands that will be supported by consumers all across the globe - we'll do this by turning everyday consumers into paid affiliates. 

On Forefront, anyone can turn their influence into income by sharing their favorite Black-owned brands online. Just search and shop as you would anywhere else. Once you try out a product, add it to your store and share your profile link to whichever platforms your audience lives on. When they shop, you earn and so do your favorite brands!

No minimum followers. No contracts. No strings attached. Join us at the Forefront today!

Who can be an affiliate on Forefront? Anyone! 

You can be an everyday shopper, that wants to share your favorite brands with friends and family. You can be a micro-influencer that wants to find a simple & easy way to monetize their content. Or you could be a blogger or podcaster looking to monetize your extensive audience that wants to promote brands and products that your audience would love. 

Forefront is creating an avenue where anyone can get paid to share Black-owned brands they love. 

Our Team

Favorite Black-owned Brand: Slutty Vegan ATL or Black Girl Sunscreen


Jordyn Weaver

Favorite Black-owned Brand: WRLDINVSN


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